Professional Societies coordination


*To motivate all the Teaching Staff/Technical staff and students to get the memberships of various societies/chapters/Professional bodies.
*To plan and prepare for sending proposals to various professional societies for obtaining their grants/permissions etc.,
*To enhance the knowledge, skills and leadership qualities of staff and students by conducting workshops/ Seminars/Short term Course etc.,
*To arrange and conduct students chapter activities/programs effectively.
*To conduct meeting periodically for the effectiveness of the activities.
*Minimum one program should be done in each semester by inviting the experts in relevant subjects/topics, by each professional body.
*Maintaining the file with the list of students (and their detailed information) in each professional body with Dept-wise sorting.
The committee consists of following members:
S.No --Name of the Faculty-- Dept --Designation
1 Dr. C. Vindyavasini --MBA-- Coordinator
2 Mr. K. Rajasekhar Reddy --EEE-- Faculty Member
3 Mr. P. Nagaraju --ME-- Faculty Member
4 Mr.K.Sampath Kumar-- ECE-- Faculty Member
5 K Sai Phani--CSE --Faculty Member
6 Mr. A.G.Venkateswarlu --BS-- Faculty Member
7 Eluru Sudarsana Sasi Preetam (18X55A0209)-- EEE-- Student Member
8 Srinivas chowdary(15x51a0343) --ME --Student Member
9 B.V.Siva Hemanth(16x51a0456) --ECE --Student Member
10 DAMMU SRAVANI(16X51A0579)-- CSE-- Student Member
11 B. Chandrasekhara Reddy (18X51E0047) --MBA-- Student Member
12 P. VenkataSreenath(19X51A0212)-- BS --Student Member