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Incubation center @ SREC

The aim of Incubation center at Santhiram engineering college is to encourage and support technology-based entrepreneurship among Santhiram Engineering College graduated and graduating students.

Santhiram engineering college emerges to foster the development of ideas and inventions that benefit society. To this end, Santhiram Engineering College has established this Incubation Center to provide guidance and a management structure to aid in the development of entrepreneurship.

SREC provides platform for excellence in academic, innovation and research SREC has well equipped incubation center for the benefits of students as well as faculty to carry out their research work. Institution creates an ecosystem for innovations. Incubation center established in the academic year 2016 previously it was named as Research innovation center. Incubation center designed with different software’s and tools develop innovation projects in their research.


Assisting in the transformation of ideas into reality and elevating them to the level of commercial value.

To foster an innovative culture at campus.

To establish a startup ecosystem at campus.

To develop student ideas for becoming entrepreneurs in their chosen fields.


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