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Lecture Halls

The lecture halls at SREC are arranged with sophisticated furniture and they are spacious, with good ventilation and also provide a comfortable atmosphere for the learning environment. Each hall accommodates 60 students. A separate DLP is installed in each of the lecture halls for audio-visual presentations and lectures   

Central Facilities
Computer Center

The central computer lab in SREC is to cater the research and learning needs of the students and staff. Whoever associated to SREC can be given permission to access the systems at this lab. The lab is installed with 60 systems of high configuration; all our students and scholars make use of this facility for preparing their research works.

Seminar Halls

A centralized air conditioned and well-furnished conference hall with all required audio-visual facilities is another countable asset to SREC. The conference hall has the seating capacity of holding 500+ audiences with a clear view of the stage area. Clear and high-definition audio visual aids are arranged for achieving digital clarity in voice and display.  Guest lectures, seminars, Dept meets, other programs like workshops etc are held very comfortably in the conference hall.


All the computer labs in SREC are connected with a LAN of high speed internet facility besides updated and licensed software installations. The other labs are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. A technician was entrusted in each lab to monitor the equipments regularly.

Tutorial Halls

There is separate tutorial hall in each department, which is used to conduct the remedial classes.  Revision/remedial classes will be planned to lateral entry students/academically weak students in the evening session (probably after the college timings) in these tutorial halls.

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