Boys' Hostel

The residents of SREC boys’ hostel have very secure and homely environment. They are given all that require for their peaceful and enthusiastic living. The boys in the hostel are from diverse culture and regions of the state and nation. Besides providing amiable campus living SREC boys’ hostel looks forward to shoulder physical and mental fitness of the students by facilitating gym, indoor stadium and yoga classes. The rooms in the hostel are Spacious, with internet ports; wide dining hall that can house more than 100 students at a time; clean and tidy bathrooms; refrigerators supplying mineral water; wifi facility; and entertainment room.

Girls' Hostel

SREC girls’ hostel is known for safety and security to the non residential students who want to study engineering in a home like environment. Besides the facilities like spacious rooms, wifi, internet, and refrigerators supplying mineral water SREC girls’ hostel takes a special care on girl students such as acting strict towards allowing them for outings; keeping eye during the nights; providing counseling to the students who are found home sick; medicating the students who are ill health.

Facilities at Hostels

SREC provides excellent Hostel Facility for Boys as well as Girls individually. Spacious rooms with attached bathrooms are available. Well connected to the transport area; excellent facilities for dining and sports areas are the most advantageous thing to the students.


Following facilities are being provided in the Hostels:


  • STD / ISD Telephone Facility is available

  • Exclusive, uninterrupted study room for students after college hours

  • Uninterrupted power supply , a separate Generator is provided

  • Banking Facility from SBI along  with ATM center

  • Medical facility: free medicines are provided to the students who become ill

  • Medical Lab facility is available.

  • Mineral water provided to all the rooms directly

  • Open Air Theater – programs on every weekends

  • Well equipped Gym ( Boys and Girls separately)

  • Sweets and Juice center available for students after college hours

  • Yoga and Dance classes are provided

  • Facilities to play Indoor and Outdoor Games

  • Laundry and Ironing facility are also available

  • Free use of Computers:  Lab facilities are made available even after the college regular hours.

  • Students Train Reservation center.

Faculty Quarters

The faculty from other states and regions who would like to stay and work for SREC are given separate faculty quarters with all basic amenities. SREC has staff quarters single and double bedroom individual flats. The staff quarters are very near to the campus. The quarters are facilitated with the power, internet, and water 24 X 7. A van is provided for the faculty at quarters for their travel to the nearby town.      

Guest House

SREC has a well furnished guest house for the delegates, guests, respectable personalities whoever visits the college. The guest house is made available with all basic requirements, a proper transportation is provided to the guests who stay in the guest house and a faculty is entrusted to take care of the guest during his stay. The nearby holy places such as Mahanandi, Yaaganti, Belum Caves, Ahobilam and Srisailam are let the delegate see when requested by arranging a vehicle.