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Managing Director's Desk

Mr. M. SivaRam

Managing Director

“Time spent on Education never disappoints the people but disappointment in education will lead to rot the future as well as the time completely”


Santhiram Engineering College is a place for every student who desires to acquire knowledge and serve as an Engineer and/ or Administrator. The college provides a peaceful and literal environment that can bring out students’ best of creative side. Continuous monitoring; constant examining the performance and regular counseling make the learner feel at home and secure.It is the best choice to a student who can’t afford high prices leaving the expectations aside and spare more time and money but can spear minimum and reach beyond expectations.


Santhiram Engineering College is known for its excellence in engineering education the achievement it bagged yet will speak it aloud. The Fastest Engineering College, Best Engineering College among JNTUA, Prathibha Awards, a grabber of research and training centers in A.P so on and so forth. In my view it is a place for motivation to do and a place to ideas let flourish.


The student joins with SREC will take their position in any of the leading sects of the world technically as well as socially. People enter SREC with something but go out with everything. For the dedicated and ambitious students SREC is the right place.

Mr. M. SivaRam
Managing Director
Santhiram Engineering College,
Nandyal, Kurnoonl (Dist)
Andhra Pradesh, India

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