Engineering Physics Lab
  • To provide practical implementation on the applications of superposition effects like interference and diffraction

  • To provide practical understanding on the study of propagation of light through transparent dielectric waveguides

  • The study of laser and optical fiber through lab activities will span the range from demonstrating innovative laser devices to the design of optical systems.

  • Will understand the role of optical fiber parameters and signal losses in communication.

  •   Will recognize the importance of energy gap in the study of conductivity and hall effect in a semiconductor

  • To provide practical understand and extend the knowledge on basic concepts and applications of semiconductor based electronic devices, and magnetic materials    which find potential in the emerging micro device applications.

  •   Will understand the applications of B H curve.

Engineering Chemistry Lab

To make the student learn about:

  • Understanding the major concepts; theoretical principles and experimental findings in chemistry.

  • Generating an ability of critical thinking and efficient problem-solving skills in the Analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical Chemistry.

  • Using modern instrumentation for Chemical analysis.

  • Make familiar with the applications of safety and chemical hygiene; regulating practices.

  • To work effectively in diverse teams both in classroom as well as laboratory.

  • To develop an understanding the concepts of Chemical and Water Analysis.

  • The goals set by this laboratory are to advance knowledge and to apply chemical sciences in everyday life.

  • To enable students to learn better pronunciation through stress on word accent, intonation, and rhythm.


  • To help the second language learners to acquire fluency in spoken English and neutralize mother tongue influence


  • To train students to use language appropriately for interviews, group discussion and public speaking

  • To improve the students fluency in English through a well-developed vocabulary and enable

  • To listen to English spoken normal conversational speed by educated English speakers and respond approximately in different socio-cultural and professional contexts.

  • Further they would be required to communicate their ideas relevantly and coherently in writing.

  • To prepare all the students for their placements.



  • Aim is to enable students understand how to write business letters and improve written    Communication.


  • At the end of the course, students will be enabled with the following     skills.

  • a. English language skills for effective written business communication (‘s).

  • b. Will be able to understand how to write project report.

  • At this stage the students need to prepare themselves for their careers which may require them to listen, to read, speak and write in English both for their professionals and interpersonal

  • Communication in the globalised context.