The Society shall have three categories of members

         1.  Regular Members

         2.  Associate members

         3.  Honorary Members.

Eligibility of Regular Members


         Any person who has studied in this college and there after received B.Tech/M.Tech/MBA by the Institution, can become regular member by paying life membership fees as 500.


Eligibility of Associate Members:


         The Society, on the recommendation of managing committee may make any faculty member, who has served this Institute for at least five 5 years, an associate member of the Society, after receiving the life membership fee of 2000.


Eligibility of Honorary Members


         Eminent personalities honored by the Institution can be made honorary members of the Society, in addition, the Society can also confer honorary membership to persons of eminence, if recommended by the managing committee of the Society and who have not received any degree from the Institution, but have contributed immensely or have shown keen interest in the development of the Institution or the Society.

Membership Fees

For regular Members, residents of India, the fee is Rs. 500/- and for non resident of India, the fee is $25. Students who get enrolled from Year 2019  shall be the member of the Society by default. Such students have not to pay registration fees as the same is collected at the time of admission by the institution. Students, who had been admitted to the institution  prior to Year 2019, shall have to pay admission fees.

Termination of the Membership

The membership of a member shall be terminated in the following cases.

  1. Resignation of the member.

  2. Involved in grievous criminal offence.

  3. Indulging in activity contrary to the interest of the Society.

  4. Commission of breach of Rules framed by the Society.

  5. Death of a member.

  6. The decision of Managing Committee should be final.


  1. The Regular Members, Associate Members and Honorary Members shall be entitled to attend the General meetings of the Society, and shall be entitled to take part in discussion of the points taken up on the agenda. However, Regular Members shall only be entitled to vote, if needed. The Society Members and Honorary Members shall not be entitled to vote in any case.

  2. Regular Members shall be entitled to contest election and shall be entitled to hold any post of the Society. Associate and Honorary Members will not be entitled to contest the election and hold any post.

  3. The members shall take part in all the activities of the Society according to their ability.

  4. It shall be the duty of all the members to see that the aims and objectives of the Society are fulfilled.

  5. The member shall not be entitled to refund of any fees in case he/her resignation, or that, his/her membership is terminated for any of the reasons herein above mentioned.

  6. The accounts and other books shall be maintained in the office of the Society. All the members shall be entitled to have inspection of the same with written permission of the President or Secretary. The decision of the President shall be final in such case i.e. to say whether permission is to be granted or not to be granted.


Payment Details

Bank: SBI RGMCET Branch

Account No:

IFSC Code:

Payments can also be done using UPI Modes

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