About H&S Department

The Department of Humanities and sciences came into existence in the year 2007 when the college was started. The department plays a vital role in grooming the students in their basic knowledge of science and language and its prime focus is to provide a conceptual base in Basic Sciences which form a foundation to the Engineering subjects and it is instrumental in grooming the students into competent Engineers and individuals through training in Soft Skills, to compete for global opportunities. In view of the rapid development of knowledge and the technological changes, the department seeks to strengthen itself by integrating it with the engineering departments for a productive knowledge base. The department has been encouraging the conduct of workshops and seminars to enable the faculty to keep abreast of the knowledge and methodologies in the respective fields of research.

The Department comprises of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English and deals with Mathematics-I, Mathematics-II, Mathematics-III, Mathematical Methods, Probability & Statistics, Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Computer Oriented Numerical Methods, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, English, Business Communication skills and Soft skills training programmes with emphasis on personality development. Being the supportive department, H&S plays a constructive role in development of the Organization. The department is strengthened by Professors, Associate Professors in each subject of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and English


To provide quality technical education affordable to all and impart extensive knowledge in the fundamentals towards enabling the budding and future engineers to grasp their engineering disciplines with ease and confidence to have a competitive edge.


To put forth formidable steps along the path of excellence to master the foundation tools - Mathematics, Sciences viz. Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and Communication skills that all engineers require and teach the first and Second year students with the important aspects, which resemble a bridge to the advanced levels of engineering

Head of the Department


Associate Professor of Mathematics & HOD

Contact No: 9985091069

E-Mail: hod.hbs@srecnandyal.edu.in

Working as Associate Professor of Mathematics, HOD of Basic Sciences Department and Coordinator for I.B.Tech. He obtained Ph.D from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati  in the year 2014 under the supervision of Prof.S.Vijaya Kumar Varma.

         He served in several positions for the benefit of the institution, his area of research includes Fluid Dynamics, Magneto Hydrodynamics, Heat and Mass transfer, he published several papers in National and International Journals and presented papers in National and International conferences.

         He under taken one research project granted by UGC worth of rupees two lakhs, he is a recognized external research supervisor for Ph.D under JNTUA and guiding Ph.D Scholars under JNTUA. He wrote two text books entitled “MATHEMATICS-II” and “PROBABILITY & STATISTICS” for the benefit of the engineering students. He is a member in several professional societies.

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Dr.A.Pedda Linga Swamy

Assistant  Professor in Physics

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D. PDF., IASTA


Areas of Interest:

Atmospheric Science


Email Id:hod.physics@srecnandyal.edu.in

Dr.B. Haritha

Assistant  Professor in Mathematics

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D. 

Experience:10 Years

Areas of Interest:

Fluid Dynamics



Mr.A.G. Venkateswarlu

Assistant  Professor in English

Qualification: M.A [Ph.D.]

Experience:12 Years

Areas of Interest:

English Language Teaching


Email Id:hod.english@srecnandyal.edu.in

Dr.K. Gayathri Devi

Assistant  Professor in Mathematics

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D. 

Experience:8 Years

Areas of Interest:

Fluid Dynamics


Email Id:gayathri.bs@srecnandyal.edu.in

Mr.A. Shareef

Assistant  Professor in Basic Science

Qualification: M.Sc, B.E.d.(Ph.D)

Experience:14 Years

Areas of Interest:Field Dynamics


Email Id:shareef.maths@srecnandyal.edu.in

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Ms. R. Ramadevi

Assistant  Professor in Chemistry

Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed

Experience:5 Years

Areas of Interest:Organic Synthesis


Email Id:ramadevi.chemistry@srecnandyal.edu.in

Mr.M. Suresh Babu

Assistant  Professor in Mathematics

Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed.,[Ph.D]

Experience:13 Years

Areas of Interest:Mathematics


Email Id:suresh.maths@srecnandyal.edu.in


Assistant  Professor in English

Qualification: M.A. M.B.A

Experience:8 Years

Areas of Interest:English 


Email Id:abdul.md@srecnandyal.edu.in

Dr. M. Swarna Kumari

Assistant  Professor 

Qualification: M.Sc.,Ph.D

Experience:15 Years

Areas of Interest:Synthetic Organic Chemistry


Email Id:swarna.che@srecnandyal.edu.in

Mr.S. Chand basha

Assistant  Professor in Mathematics

Qualification: M.Sc., B.Ed

Experience:6 Years

Areas of Interest:Mathematics


Email Id:chandbasha.maths@srecnandyal.edu.in

Mr.A.C. Linga Swamy

Assistant  Professor 

Qualification: M.Sc.

Experience:2 Years

Areas of Interest:Spectroscopy


Email Id:lingaswamy@srecnandyal.edu.in

Mr. J. Seshaphani

Assistant  Professor in Basic Science

Qualification: M.Sc.

Experience:2.5 Years

Areas of Interest:Data mining


Email Id:jseshaphani1989@gmail.com

Mr.A. Ramu

Assistant  Professor in Mathematics

Qualification: M.Sc.

Experience:14 Years

Areas of Interest:Pure Mathematics


Email Id:ramu.akuthota@srecnandyal.edu.in

Mr.K. Krishna Reddy

Assistant  Professor in Basic English

Qualification: M.A

Experience:13 Years

Areas of Interest:Literature


Email Id:bharathreddy.krishna@srecnandyal.edu.in

Dr. V. Subbareddy

Associate Professor in Mathematics

Qualification: M.Sc. Ph.D

Experience:16 Years

Areas of Interest: Fluid Dynamics


Email Id:drvsubbareddy@srecnandyal.edu.in

Dr. K. Aruna

Associate Professor in Physics

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D

Experience:10 Years

Areas of Interest: Atmospheric Physics


Email Id:aruna.kommu9@srecnandyal.edu.in