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The main objective of the Internal Complaint Committee is to Prevent Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace. In addition to that, the responsibilities of the committee are as follows:

  • To avoid and prohibit sexual harassment at workplace.

  • To maintain the commitment of the Institute to provide an environment free of gender based discrimination.

  • To develop a permanent mechanism for the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment cases and other acts of gender based violence at the Institute.

  • To offer service such as counselling, legal aid in case of atrocities against women.

  • To promote a social and psychological environment to raise awareness on sexual harassment in its various forms.

  • To disseminate knowledge about rights and laws related to women.

  • To builtself esteem and dignity among girl students and ladies faculty members.

  • To create awareness regarding women rights.

  • To arrange programs regarding health, personality development etc.

  • To protect the safety of the complainant by not divulging the person’s identity, and provide the mandatory relief to the complainant.

Functioning of the Committee:

  • To Maintain online/ offline submission of Faculty Grievances. Periodical submission of reported Grievances in AICTE online portal, if any

  • Conduct preliminary enquiry of all reported cases and / or complaints relating to sexual harassment at workplace involving all sections of members of faculty, staff and students of the institute.

  • Submit the preliminary enquiry report to the Principal long with all documents and recommendation of possible punishment if any.

  • Evolve and suggest means to take preventive measures.

  • In case of allegations are not in the nature of sexual harassment, ICC may refer such complaints to the Grievance Redressal Cell.

  • If ICC concludes that the allegations made were false, malicious or the complaint was made knowing it to be untrue or forged or misleading information has been provided during the inquiry, the complainant shall be liable to be punished as per the relevant provision of the aforementioned UGC Regulations 2015.

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