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Gender Specific Facility

The Institute provides the following facilities for women in the campus.

1. Safety and Security:

  • 24 X 7 CCTV surveillance of the entire campus which includes main gate entrance and blocks entrance, corridors, classrooms, library, office rooms, laboratories, and also hostel blocks, dining halls. Separate server space is allocated for back-up of CCTV camera recording.

  • Gate pass register is maintained at the main gate entrances of academic buildings and hostels to prevent entering of unknown persons in the campus.

  • FIRST-AID box and fire extinguisher are provided in every floor of the college building and laboratories.

  • Display of important phone numbers like principal, HODs, nearby police station, ambulance, fire station at prominent places which includes principal office notice boards, notice board at each department, AO office.

  • Do’s and Don’ts are displayed in each laboratory and students are briefed on safety precautions to prevent any incidence of accidents.

  • Regularly awareness programs on safety and security, self defense techniques are organized in association with SHAKTHI (AP-Women Police Team) team.

2. Counseling:

Mentors regularly counsel their mentees to know their strengths and weaknesses and gives moral support. On demand the Institute invites Psychiatrists/ Doctors to counsel the students with personal or health problems.

3. Common rooms:

The Institute facilitates common rooms for girls in the campus with required furniture. Students can utilize common room for study with their friends during the break hours.

4. Day Care Center: Institution has established a day care center in the campus to take care of young children of lady faculty during working hours. So that the work productivity of lady faculty can be improved.

5. Annual gender sensitization action plan includes the following :

  • A program on Entrepreneurial ideas.

  • A program on Personality development.

  • International Women’s day celebrations.

  • A program on digital banking and cash transactions to women.

  • A program on self-defense and physical fitness.

  • A program on the legal rights of women.

  • A program to youth on social media and its effects.

  • A program on fitness and hygiene of women.

  • Financial awareness and investment decision for women.

  • A program on women’s safety and cybercrimes.

  • A program on women’s safety and self-defense.

  • A rally on stop violence against women.

  • A program on health issues and precautionary measures for women.

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