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Divyangjan Facility

Santhiram Engineering College has taken the following measures to provide the accessible and barrier free environment for disabled persons.

1. Accessible buildings:  Ramps are provided to easily access the classrooms and laboratories.

2. Rest rooms: Rest rooms with disabled friendly toilets are provided.

3. Signage: Proper signs and symbols are displayed in the campus to communicate a message.

4. Assistive Technology: Screen reading software and accessible website are provided.

5. Mechanized equipment: Wheelchair and battery powered vehicle are provided for physical movement in the campus.

6. Scribe: As per the norms of university the institution provides scribes for examinations.

7. Human assistance: One gent and one lady are appointed to assist the disabled persons inside the campus.

8. E-Learning: Softcopy of all subjects and other useful information is available in library. And teachers also provide reading material in softcopy.

Policy Document

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