We are in high spirits and our mirth knows no boundaries to announce that our SREC, the pioneer of value-based education, has been awarded thePermanent Affiliation for the branches viz. CSE, ECE, MECH & EEE  to the JNTUniversity, Anantapuram




To become a nucleus for pursuing technical education and pool industrial research and developmental activities with social-conscious and global standards.




  1. To provide Advanced  Educational Programs and prepare students to achieve success and take leading roles in their chosen fields of specialization by arising a self-sustained University.

  2. To establish postgraduate programs in the current and Advanced Technologies.

  3. To establish an R&D Consultancy through developing Industry Institute Interaction, building up exceptional infrastructure.

  4. To propel every individual, realize and act for the technical development of the society.



Our Motto

   Education for Peace and Progress