Ever since the inception of the committee, WEC as a team has been striving to promote awareness among girl students and educate them on gender specific issues in the areas such as health, legal, career and social. To realize the above mentioned objectives, the committee with its members strives:
-->To review various schemes & programs of the Institute and to ensure the possibility in the aspect of women's development.
-->To promote all round development of women faculty, staff and students of the college.
-->To receive complaints, if any, from the lady staff and lady students who have been subject to sexual harassment and to enquire into such complaints and establish the facts.
-->To keep all records intact and in proper order of the complaints received.
-->To keep an elaborate process document of each such case describing the methods adopted and the settlement reached in solving the problem.
-->To conduct a survey within the college and collect suggestions/ recommendations from women on issues concerning them.
-->To periodically organize guest lecturers in the concerned areas such as health, legal, career and social aspects.
--> To monitor and counsel girl students.
-->To conduct competitions such as presentations, elocution, essay writing and painting to encourage girl students to express their ideas.
--> Above all, to ensure a secure and progressive learning environment for the girl students.

The Committee Consists Following members

S.No.-- Name of the Faculty-- Dept-- Designation
1 Dr. A. K. Neeraja Rani --MBA-- Chairperson
2 G. Sowmya --ECE --Faculty Member
3 R. Sujatha --EEE-- Faculty Member
4 V. Lakshmichaitanya-- CSE-- Faculty Member
5 R. Rama Devi-- BS --Faculty Member
6 Dudekula SabithaBee (17X51A0203)-- EEE-- Student Member
7 M.V.Rangameghana(15x51a0440) --ECE-- Student Member
8 M. RAGHU NIRANJAN REDDY(16X51A0554)-- CSE-- Student Member
9 S. Lavanya (18X51E0022)-- MBA-- Student Member
10 D.Anitha Devi(19X51A0206) --BS-- Student Member