Sports and Games

--->Coordination with the Student Sports Secretary
• Keeping stock of previous and current years’ sports goods.
• Ordering sports goods in consultation with the Head of the Institution.
• Arranging the venues for sports events in consultation with the Institution.

--->Coordination with the Institution
• Obtaining permission to conduct sports events in the college campus.
• To recommend students for permission to participate in the intra-or inter- college events.
• To recommend sanction for Entry/Registration Fees to participate in various sports events.

*Maintaining discipline in all events happening in and outside the college.
*Organize sports events for staff members.
*Maintaining records of sports events attended by students outside the college, within the college.
*The schedule of events for the whole academic year shall be finalized well in advance in consultation with all the members in the Committee.
Procedure to organize Sports events:
*To prepare the Annual Budget for various sports events.
*To obtain formal permission from the College authorities to arrange programs.
*To decide the date, time and agenda of the programs.
*To arrange the venue and aids (audio/video system, dais, podium etc).
*To arrange mementos for guests and gifts/certificates for the participants.
*The committee shall be responsible to display about the programs to be organized in the college website and on the Notice Board in the premises.
*Preparing schedules to conduct minimum 10 sports & games events (5 for female students &5 for male students separately) in one academic year, in the college premises for the students of SREC.
*Scheduling for one mega National Level Sport Fest (may be of one or two-days), by inviting the participation of the students from other colleges every year.
*Finalizing the guests, date(s) etc., with all the other required details.
*Sorting the Dept-wise list of the students who performs well in each activity (such as throw ball, cricket, volleyball etc.,).
*Maintaining the file with the achievements of the students in the participation of various sports &games events within the campus and in other colleges also.

S.No-- Name of the Faculty-- Dept --Designation
1 Dr. Jeya Kumar --EEE-- Faculty Member
2 M.ravichandra --ME-- Faculty Member
3 B.Prathapreddy --ECE-- Faculty Member
4 Mrs L Ramya --CSE-- Faculty Member
5 Rajasekhar-- MBA-- Faculty Member
6 Dr V.Subbareddy-- BS --Faculty Member
7 Byggari DattasaiTeja (18X55A0207)-- EEE-- Student Member
8 S.Harifulla (16x55a0301) --ME --Student Member
9 S.Ramalingesh(16x51a0441) --ECE-- Student Member
10 Y. SAI TEJA REDDY(16X51A0569)-- CSE-- Student Member
11 S. Shaikshavali (18X51E0071)-- MBA-- Student Member
12 K.Manoj Kumar Reddy(19X51A0211)-- BS --Student Member
13 P. Chandra Reddy --PD-- staff