-->To maintain the details under disclosure of information.
-->To scrutinize the applications received under RTI act and preparation of primary report.
-->To review the RTI application department wise and preparation of their detailed replies to concerned authorities.
-->To scan & upload the details and summarize & submit the response for documentation.
S.No-- Name of the Faculty-- Dept-- Designation
1 Dr. M. V. Subramanyam-- ECE --Chairman
2 Mr. M. Y. Veeresh --EEE-- Member
3 P.Moulali --ME-- Member
4 Y. Mallikarjuna Rao --ECE-- Member
5 J. David Sukeerthi Kumar-- CSE-- Member
6 Dr. A. K. Neeraja Rani-- MBA-- Member
7 N. Rama Devi --BS-- Member
8 V. Ramesh-- AO-- Staff