•Planning and coordinating for various activities such as seminars, guest lectures, workshops, Dept club activities, Conferences, symposiums/student meets, Industrial visits in the Dept level.
•To organize and coordinate technical and management programs through collaborative activities & under signed MOUs.
•Consolidating the documentation of the conducted programs/activities in all the departments.
•Consolidating the Dept-wise documentation of faculty participated/attended - workshops / seminars / conferences / Guest Lectures with adequate details.
•To monitor and consolidate the documentation for the monetarily and non-monetarily benefited teaching and non-teaching staffs towards various training and development programs.
•Planning to organize Alumni/Parents’/Success meets, Department Club meet, events collaborative with the Prof Bodies and documenting with them proper reports.
•Maintaining the file with the achievements of the students who participated in various symposiums / workshops / training programs / hackthon within the campus and in other colleges also.
•Maintaining the file with the achievements of the students in the participation of various sports & games events within the campus and in other colleges also.
•Sorting the Dept-wise list of the students who performs well in extra-curricular activities (such as throw ball, cricket, volleyball etc.,).
•To monitor and consolidate the documentation of the students welfare measures against their active participation in various events.
•Updating the data in the Website related to their respective Dept.
•Collecting the information for the Department NEWS LETTER and preparing the information for the college MAGAZINE.
The committee consists of following members:
S.No.-- Name of the Faculty-- Dept-- Designation
1 Dr. Ramesh Raju --ME --Dean - P & D
2 Mr. S. Seetharamudu-- EEE-- Faculty Member
3 Mr.S.Munawwar --ECE-- Faculty Member
4 Mr M Amareshwar Kumar --CSE-- Faculty Member
5 Rajasekhar --MBA --Faculty Member
6 Mr.A. Shareef-- BS-- Faculty Member
7 M VinayKumar Raju (17X51A0209)-- EEE-- Student Member
8 C.Naveen Raj(15x51a0329--) ME-- Student Member
9 B.Raghavasai(15x51a0437) --ECE-- Student Member
10 SHAIK MUNSIF(16X51A0549)-- CSE-- Student Member
11 V. Sreelekha (19X51E0043)-- MBA --Student Member
12 B.LasyaPriya(19X51A0403) --BS-- Student Member