-->To collect list of Books/ E-books/ Journals/ E-Journals which are to be subscribed,from Heads of various Departments for each semester.
-->To prepare the lists of Books/ E-books/ Journals/ E-Journals as per the requirement of various departments.
-->To monitor and maintain the active membership for learning and other e-resources.
-->To monitor the remote access facility for the learning resources and encouraging students for effective usage.
-->To maintain & Indexing the received books/journals/review books/project reports etc.
-->To suggest improvements to run the library smoothly, orderly and satisfactorily.
-->To suggest the penalty fee structure for the late returning of books.
-->To maintain the discipline in the library.
-->To display the motivational quotations, great personalities/leader photos etc.,
-->Monitor the entries in the log book of faculty and students.
The committee consists of following members:
S.No. --Name of the Faculty-- Dept --Designation
1 N.Sreenivasarao --ECE --Coordinator
2 Mr. A. Raghavendra Prasad --EEE --Faculty Member
3 Mr. K. L. Srinivasulu-- ME --Faculty Member
4 A.Venkatasubbaiah-- CSE-- Faculty Member
5 M. Nagaraju --MBA-- Faculty Member
6 Dr.A.P. LingaSwamy --BS-- Faculty Member
7 KammariHemanth achari(18X55A0215)-- EEE-- Student Member
8 K.Prathap kumar(15x51a0331) --ME-- Student Member
9 G.Mahithareddy(16x51a0426) --ECE-- Student Member
10 J. NAGA MURALI KRISHNA RAO(16X51A0550)-- CSE --Student Member
11 P. RuksanaKathun (18X51E0037) --MBA-- Student Member
12 A.Ayesha(19X51A0505) --BS-- Student Member