To provide a calendar containing some of the basic and necessary information on the present status, facilities and strength of the various departments of the Institution including scheduled working days for the academic year.
To analyze and approve the Vision/ Mission/ PSO/ PO and CO statements defined by every department.
To collect the feedback from Internal & External stack holders on Program Regulations defined by the affiliating University and documentation.
To recommend the necessary changes in University program regulations based on the feedback collected from stack holders.
To evaluate and approve the list of additional and/or supportive curricular programs prescribed from every department.
To monitor the quality of program outcomes through the evaluation of PO/ CO attainment of every course.
To monitor and record the faculty involvement in collaborative quality initiatives. Also organize activates for the continuous improvement of quality measures inside the campus.
To schedule and monitor periodical quality audits inside the campus.
To monitor and perform the quality audits on environment and Energy in a periodical manner and make the documentation.

The committee consists of following members:

S.No. Name of the Faculty Dept Designation
1 Dr. B. Seshaish -- BS -- Dean -Academics
2 Mr. M. Siva Sankar -- EEE -- Faculty Member
3 Dr.Ramesh Raju -- ME -- Faculty Member
4 Dr.Y.Mallikarjuna Rao -- ECE-- Faculty Member
5 Dr M Veeresha -- CSE -- Faculty Member
6 S. MahaboobBasha -- MBA --Faculty Member
7 Vadla PrashanthKumar (18X55A0230)-- EEE-- Student Member
8 M.Rajasekhar (16x51a0311) -- ME --Student Member
9 Ms.K.Dharani (17X51A0420) -- ECE --Student Member
10 V P BHARATHI (16X51A0505) -- CSE --Student Member
11 S. Farooq (18X51E0011) -- MBA-- Student Member
12 B. Surendra (19X51A0472) -- BS --Student Member
13 Mr. S. Shahinsha --EEE -- Staff