*To maintain & enforce strict discipline in the college campus.
*To enforce strict dress code among students.
*To Maintain online/ offline submission of students Grievances. Periodical submission of reported Grievances in AICTE online portal, if any.
*To organize awareness among the students and collecting the undertakings.
*Maintaining atleast 2 boxes to register/drop the complaints regarding Ragging / Suggestions etc., at the various places in the college premises.
*Verifying the complaints registered/dropped in the above said box in the committee meetings, and enquiring the situation mentioned in the complaint and recommending the resolutions.
*To review the suggestions/complaints raised by the students during periodical counseling.
*To collect and review the outgoing students feedback.
*To examine / inquire and recommend punishments / remedial measure in the cases of:
*Malpractices in examinations
*Loitering around in the corridors during the College working hours
*Indiscipline in the college campus and hostel premises
*Complaints of ragging
*Complaints of eve-teasing and harassment of weaker sections.
*Grievances raised by the students.
*Any other activity that may damage the discipline and harmony of the college.

S.No. --Name of the Faculty-- Dept --Designation
1 Dr M.V.Subramanyam-- ECE --Chairperson
2 N.Ramadevi --CSE-- Coordinator
3 Mr. M. Siva Sankar --EEE-- Faculty Member
4 Mr. M. Ravichandra --ME-- Faculty Member
5 Mr.M.Mohan Reddy --ECE-- Faculty Member
6 K. Rajendra Prasad --MBA-- Faculty Member
7 R.Ramadevi --BS-- Faculty Member
8 NandivargamMurali Krishna (17X51A0212)-- EEE-- Student Member
9 Y Avinash (15x51a0306) --ME --Student Member
10 S.K.Hussain Basha(16x51a0415)-- ECE-- Student Member
11 P. NAGA SAI SANKETH(16X51A0533)-- CSE --Student Member
12 B. Rani (18X51E0067) --MBA-- Student Member
13 Shaik Majahar(19X51A0555) --BS-- Student Member
14 B. Pavan Kumar-- BS --Staff