Examination Cell

• To plan the examination schedule for various courses of study (Slip Test / MID / University Examination).
• To suggest the procurement of Stationary items for Test and University exam
• To suggest in the maintenance of Stock book for stationary items and photo copier machine.
• To ensure submission of internal assessment marks and Attendance to OAS.
• To suggest innovative paper setting in compliance with Blooms Taxonomy, valuation methods.
• To suggest improvements for conducting the exams.
• To deal with malpractice cases in consultation with concerned HODs and subject experts
• To examine whether the syllabus coverage and paper setting are as per the guidelines.
The committee consists of following members:
S.No.-- Name of the Faculty-- Dept-- Designation
1 Dr M.V.Subramanyam --ECE --Chairperson
2 S.Abdul Malik --ECE --AS-Officer
3 Ms. G.Priyanka (V.Ramanjaneyulu) --EEE --Faculty Member
4 Mr. P. Nagaraju --ME-- Faculty Member
5 G.Varaprasad --CSE-- Faculty Member
6 C. Ravi Kumar --MBA --Faculty Member
7 Mr. A. Shareef --BS-- Faculty Member
8 Midde Kamalakar (17X51A0211)-- EEE --Student Member
9 Pmd javeed hussain(16x51a0308) --ME-- Student Member
10 S.Sameer Hussain(16x51a0460)-- ECE-- Student Member
11 JADALA SHYAM DURGA PRASAD(16X51A0575) --CSE --Student Member
12 S. Shareef (19X51E0037) --MBA --Student Member
13 B. Preethi Sai(19X51A0476) --BS-- Student Member