*To create, develop and maintain necessary database of students as required by various companies.
*To arrange necessary company visits and highlighting them about our college activities, college facilities, performance level of students etc,
*To organize campus drives by inviting companies.
*To organize various processes like written test, group discussion, technical interviews, H.R. Interviews when the companies come for placement.
*To coordinate the soft skills training programs.
*To maintain necessary lists of students’ training programs organized and students attended.
*To organize activities aimed at improving Institute Industry Interaction.
*To coordinate with the departments for inviting industry experts for special/guestlecturers/conference/workshops/short term and refresher courses, FDP etc.
*To facilitate faculties to do research/consultancy projects in industries.
*To arrange industrial training for staff/students during summer/winter vacations.
*To facilitate students to do mini/regular projects in industries.
*To prescribe guide lines for the various activities of the association, Selecting Association student members periodically.
*To facilitate student internships
*To get the MOUs with the Industries/Institutes/Consultancy etc..

The committee consists of following members

S.No.-- Name of the Faculty-- Dept --Designation
1 K. Kishore Naidu --MBA-- T & P - Officer
2 Mr. U.M. Sandeep Kumar-- EEE-- Faculty Member
3 Mr. S. KwajaMinuddin --ME-- Faculty Member
4 S.Rambabu --ECE-- Faculty Member
5 Mr P Bhaskar --CSE-- Faculty Member
6 C. Ravi Kumar --MBA-- Faculty Member
7 MD.Abdulla --BS-- Faculty Member
8 Shaik Jaffar Sadiq (18X55A0226) --EEE-- Student Member
9 k.kesava (16x51a0306) --ME-- Student Member
10 Y.Viswanatha Reddy(15x51a0463)-- ECE-- Student Member
11 YERVA THARUN KUMAR REDDY(16X51A0587)-- CSE --Student Member
12 B. Nagendra Kumar (18X51E0062) --MBA-- Student Member
13 D.Divya(19X51A0410) --BS-- Student Member