Alumni Coordination Cell

*To monitor the Alumni association activities and periodical memberships. Also encouraging for fund contribution towards the development of the institutional activities.
*To participate actively in strategic and long range program planning to promote alumni awareness, engagement and commitment to the Institute.
*To assist current students and alumni in career planning, placement and transitions
*To encourage highly qualified and diverse prospective alumni to share their views with students.
*To develop strong working relationships with other Alumni Council members
*To conducting alumni meetings, & invite alumni students to share their industry experience and render their helps in inviting companies for placements and experts for guest lectures.
*Maintaining the details of alumni (outgoing/out-gone batches) & Grouping the details (Dept-wise) in the form of (i) group mails (ii) facebook group (iii) whatsapp group.
*Sending the information of achievements / programs / events / symposiums / workshops related of our college to the alumni through mails/sharing.
*Getting updated with the information of the alumni whenever there is any changes occurred in the existing position/place/company of them.
*Conducting one Alumni meet every year.
*Finalizing the date, guests etc., for the Alumni meet.
*Conducting Parents Meet every year.
The committee consists of following members:
S.No.-- Name of the Faculty --Dept --Designation
1 M.Mohanreddy-- ECE --Coordinator
2 Mr. A. Raghavendra Prasad-- EEE --Faculty Member
3 Mr. S. KwajaMinuddin-- ME-- Faculty Member
4 Mr S MD RiyazNaik --CSE-- Faculty Member
5 K. Kishore Naidu --MBA-- Faculty Member
6 Mr. A. G. Venkateswarlu --BS-- Faculty Member
7 Kuruva Jayakrishna (18X55A0218)-- EEE-- Student Member
8 S.Saddam(15x51a0336) --ME --Student Member
9 K.Venu Gopal(15x51a0461)-- ECE --Student Member
10 S SREENIVAS NAVEEN(16X51A0580) --CSE --Student Member
11 B. Nagendra Kumar (18X51E0062) --MBA-- Student Member
12 S. Mohammed Adnan(19X51A05B5) --BS-- Student Member
13 Bhaskar --stores-- Staff