Career Prospects

The Electrical Students are offered with various Career Prospects, particularly from the core side and many more from the other industries too. By getting the EEE degree, you will be qualified to step into the offices of huge Electrical Companies. Many private and public sector firms would be more than happy to offer you with fat pay check jobs. The Core Electrical Industries include Power Generation, Electrical Machines Production, etc. and the tasks like designing, developing, production, maintenance, etc. have to be accomplished by the Electrical Engineers. This sector has many ultra large scale Industries, while the medium and small Scale Industries occupy a considerable part too.Hence the Electrical students are offered with a huge number of vacancies, and the pay scales for these jobs are very high.In addition to the Electrical Industries, various electronic companies invite the electrical students for their Job listings. Since these graduates have exhaustive knowledge about the Electronics too, this can prove fetching for them in securing good salaried Electronic Jobs.

The Power Sectors in particular need a lot of Electrical Engineers to carry out the proceedings. They can get placed in the Power Generation or Transmission or Distribution sides.Electrical companies recruit a large number of Electrical Engineers to reach the high targets they have the salaries are very good, and it is an excellent career prospect.Private Sector companies too need many Electrical Graduates, improving the Job opportunities for these students. Many Electronic Industries need Electrical Engineers to assist their production processes. Since electrical students are also taught with the Core Electronic concepts, they are also suitable to attend the Jobs at the Electronic Companies.

Student Chapter's

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering has started various Students Chapters of SREC like IE, ISTE and IEEE. Every year the department has been organized various programs like Seminars, Symposiums, workshops and Guest Lectures for Students under these students chapter. The main objectives of these chapters is to motivate the students

  • To enhance professional ideals & standards.

  • To formulate the general goals & responsibilities of technical education.

  • To improve instructional methods & practices usages.

  • To develop and implement leadership training programs for volunteers and members to enhance their interpersonal skills, group skills and leadership abilities

  • To provide leadership opportunities for interested members to take an active role within the operations of the Region.