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Water Conservation


  1. To optimize the use of natural water resource.

  2. To increase the ground water table.

  3. To efficiently use the water in the campus.

  4. To reuse the waste water.

Institute implements the following practices/initiatives towards establishment and maintenance of water resources.

1. Rain water harvesting:

  • The institution has established roof top rain water harvesting system with 1500 liters capacity. The harvested water is used for gardening and cleaning purpose.

2. Soak pits and Bore well recharge:

  • The institution has constructed soak pits at different roof top outlets to increase the ground water table. And bore well recharge pits are constructed to increase the bore well water level.

3. Construction of tanks:

  • Concrete and sintex overhead water tanks are established in the campus to save and distribute the water to various places in the campus.

4. Drip & Sprinkler irrigation systems:

  • The institution has established drip and sprinkler irrigation systems in the gardens for wise utilization of water.

5. Regular monitoring of water distribution system:

  • The institution plumber and his team regularly monitor the leakages at taps, joints, flushes, water tanks and water coolers to reduce the wastage.

  • Fixing of low flow faucets in taps.

  • Avoiding autoclaves and insisting the students to turn off the sink taps when smudging the glassware in the chemistry laboratory to reduce the use of water.

Policy Document

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