The cafeteria at SREC makes available all the obligatory food items such as regional Tiffin’s & meals, fast foods and few western foods with reasonable prices. The cafeteria with all types of healthy foods on affordable prices is made available in the campus for making students, staff and visitors comfortable to have breakfast, lunch or snacks with no efforts going far away from the college. Since the college is situated far away from town and in an isolated and peaceful environment the canteen makes have food during a dependable condition easy and comfortable.

Mineral Water

The Reverse Osmosis water Plant was installed in the Santhiram Engineering College that caters to the drinking water needs of all the Students, Teachers, supporting Staff and the Visitors. The raw water with an average Total Dissolved Solids [TDS] of 750-1000 ppm is treated to reduce the TDS content to less than 100 ppm the generally acceptable upper limit of the TDS
This is done in Three stages, namely: Pretreatment, passage of the water through 6 RO membrane filters held in parallel to each other {main process] and Post treatment. The maximum capacity of the plant is 1500 liters per hour [at the rate of 250 lit per membrane] The utilized capacity is 1000 lit/hr potable water. This water is Pure, Tasty and Hygienic rendering it highly suitable for human consumption.
The rejected water from the plant is used for gardening and washing purposes. This plant not only facilitates the supply of safe drinking water but also obviates the unsafe water.
66 coolers are connected to this plant providing drinking water in every floor of class room blocks, administrative block, library and laboratories blocks Etc

Internet/ WiFi

The world today becoming smart and digital, android applications, smart phones, technical gadgets are handy everywhere. Students today depend on technical gadgets than books so internet is the need of the hour to provide technical support to the students who surf the information in the internet and update their knowledge coping to the latest technology. SREC provides free internet to all the students and staff with in the campus.

Internet is provided either by LAN or by Wi-Fi. All the systems in labs in SREC are connected in a Local Area Network and a free Wi-Fi  is facilitated to be connected to the laptops for making the students’ project documentation, research etc.,

Bank/ ATM/ Post Office

We have a State Bank of India Extension Counter in our Campus. This helps all our Students and Faculty to have safer and faster banking transaction uninterruptedly and ideally. We have ATM facility within the campus running active 24X7. The post office is too an additional facility added in our campus for comfortable transmit of letters and any necessary documents as well as money orders. Bank, ATM and Post office serve the students and staff of the college as an important customer and provide a quicker service


Santhiram Engineering College has more than 40+ buses that are made available to the students and the faculty for travel to college from various points in the city and also from the suburbs of Nandyal town as well as kurnool city. All the nonresidential students are made use the college Transport facility for their safe journey. This facility also makes possible to start the class work in time and thereby help the academic process bear fruitful results. Our bus facility has enabled the students to maintain discipline and be time conscious.

All the buses reach the Campus before 9.15 a.m., so that all the students and faculty can have their breakfast and get ready to attend the classes by 9.30 a.m. systematically

The buses leave the campus at 5.15p.m., which helps all the students to reach home earlier and safer.

For the benefit of those students who are attending special classes; using Internet facility; Library; fitness center etc., special buses are arranged everyday that leave the campus between 5.30 p.m. to 7.00 pm as per the need

Health & Fitness Center

Full Time Medical officers are made available in the Campus to take care of students in any type of medical illness.

  • Medical facility is available all the way through providing free medicines to the sick students

  • Medical Lab facility is also available along with the necessary equipment's in emergency.


Fitness Centre:

  • Concentrating the Students’ Fitness and Health, the hostels are equipped with Gym and Fitness centers – Treadmill, Exercise Bikes and most of the latest fitness equipment.

  • The Central Gym for men is equipped with Body Building Equipment’s.

  • All Gyms and Fitness centers are opened during the Morning and Evening hours.

  • For Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind Yoga classes are conducted


A 160 kVA diesel generator is installed within the campus to provide an uninterrupted power supply to classes and laboratories.

A high configuration transformer (250 kVA) supplies High Tension power to the entire college

Generator Details


Run on:       Diesel

Capacity:    160 kVA


Key Features

160 kVA

Best in class fuel efficiency with O2E Technology

Fuel Consumption: At 100% load per 1 hr 36.6 liters

                                   At 75% load per 1 hr 27.7 liters

                                   At 50% load per 1 hr 19.1 liters

Students’ Store

The college students’ store provides all of the required stationery, materials, snacks and other needed things for students and staff. The store is handled with a permanent staff for maintaining updated and quality materials regularly. The prices and the stock is scrutinized by the internal observer every year on a specific day and the prices of the materials are made convenient as well as reasonable with zero profit.